A portfolio of diversified, fast-growing, pre-determined Colorado companies
The Portfolio is Currently Open for Investment
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Opportunity to invest in portfolio ends June 30, 2019
revenue generating,
VC backed, Colorado companies
Why revenue generating & VC backed companies?
Revenue generating companies have shown that they've successfully been able to identify a need as well as build an initial product to solve that need. They may be less risky and plan to use investment capital for growth. Furthermore, companies that have been backed by at least one venture capital firm or graduated from an accelerator means someone else has contributed to vetting and investing in the company.
Why Colorado?
Colorado is one of the most innovative states in America. Colorado has one of the highest concentration of entrepreneurs and technology companies in the nation. However, the state is underfunded, and there exists a plethora of opportunities. Instead of creating another venture fund, the founders of SmartCapital Colorado want to enable more people to invest and share in the success. Colorado is where the founders are based and have access to these companies.
Early stage companies, when properly invested, can be one of the highest returning asset classes available today. However, being diversified enough to achieve the high returns available to investors is stunningly hard. By investing in the portfolio of high-growth companies in Colorado, you may increase your diversification, take part in the economic development of the state, and gain more access to the asset class of venture capital.

how it works

startup sourcing
Every startup in the SmartCapital Colorado portfolio is already backed by other reputable VC's or accelerators.
Fund creation
SmartCapital Colorado aggregates the startups into a single portfolio.
you invest
You invest in a portfolio with as little as $30,000, the approximate equivalent of $1,200 per company. You won't find access like this anywhere else.
Benefits to the investor
Historically, the opportunity to invest in fast-growing companies is reserved for VC Funds. The average angel investor usually gets second pick for the fast-growing companies. Now you have investment access to some of the fastest growing companies in Colorado.
Easy to Invest
We take care of the company sourcing. Sourcing one quality startup is hard, doing that for a portfolio of companies is even harder. We highlight each company and why we and other VC's want to invest in these companies before you decide if you want to invest.
instant diversification
Most people investing in startups are not diversified enough. Many believe the best angel investing practice is to invest in approximately 25 companies. By investing in a portfolio, you are immediately diversified amongst a variety of promising and fast-growing companies. 
Benefits to THE STARTUPS
We give the companies set timelines for when the portfolio will be announced and when to expect the investment.
Additional Capital
We add follow-on capital to your current round without you needing to herd angels or reaching out to other funds.
Our Experience
Our team has raised capital, exited companies, and invested in companies. We've seen all sides of the deals.
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Invest alongside top venture capital firms and angel investors.
Frequently Asked Questions
With typical VC funds, investors provide venture capitalists money to invest at their discretion over a period of a few years. The investor in the fund has no choice regarding which companies receive investments. With SmartCapital Colorado, the companies it anticipates investing in are known to investors before they invest.
The SmartCapital Colorado portfolio is available to accredited investors across the US.
Yes. The minimum investment is $30,000 to invest in the portfolio. Which is the approximate equivalent of $1,200 per company.
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The portfolio is now open to investors
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The Portfolio is Currently Open for Investment
Opportunity to Invest in Portfolio ends June 30, 2019
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